Dingo Cement
  • For commercial and home DIY applications
  • Resists weed growth and insects
  • Used for new paving areas or replacing existing joints


Joints between outdoor pavers are usually filled with sand which tends to wash out from the paver joints over time. PowerLoc paving sand is a polymer-based product that prevents it from washing out or cracking. It is blended with fine sand and premium grade polymers to create a flexible and superior bond between pavers.



  1. Spread over dry pavers and thoroughly sweep the Powerloc paving sand diagonally into the cracks with a broom. It’s important to ensure there is no residual Powerloc paving sand sitting on top of the pavers to avoid/minimise the risk of discolouration.
  2. Using a tampering tool or vibrating compactor, work over the paving area to ensure the Powerloc paving sand completely fills the joints.
  3. Sweep the paved surface again and top up where there are gaps. Remove excess sand and ensure there is no sand left on the top of the pavers.
  4. Using a garden pressure sprayer, lightly mist the entire surface to activate the polymers. DO NOT use a garden hose as the weight of the water will dislodge the Powerloc paving sand.
  5. When the area dries, your paving is ready for use. Drying time will depend upon climatic conditions.

Handy Hints:

  • Pavers must be dry before applying Powerloc paving sand.
  • A garden pressure sprayer will give a more equalised spread of water across the joints. DO NOT use a garden hose with a mist head function as this will still be too heavy upon application and dislodge the Powerloc paving sand.

Product Limitations:

  • Powerloc paving sand does not set hard, rather only gels so may require further maintenance over time.
  • Not suitable for areas where water runs over pavers on a regular basis ie. Around swimming pools.
  • Not suitable for steep inclines.