Dingo Cement

Concrete & Mortar Premix

  • For fast repairs around the Home and Building site.
  • Sets in 15 Minutes.
  • Just add clean water.
  • For all application where fast repairs are required.
  • Used on masonry surfaces, Where sand & cement is needed.

Fast Set Sand and Cement

Fast Set Sand & Cement is a mix of sand, cement and premium grade additives for fast repair applications. It hardens in approximately 15 minutes and is suitable for repairs around the home and building site, patching around electric & plumbing fittings, re-pointing on block, brick and render walls. Used where fast repairs are needed to masonry surfaces. Just add water.

Available in water resistant plastic packaging.

Directions for use

  1. Empty bag into a Wheelbarrow or on to a non-porous surface
  2. Add water slowly and mix until a workable consistency is achieved.
  3. Apply your mixed product with a trowel
  • Approximately 2.8 litres of water to a 20kg Dingo Sand & Cement mix.
  • Small amounts can be mixed in bucket just add water and add your dry mix sand cement.
  • The water should be drinkable
  • Before patching wall make sure the surface is free of dust and lightly mist spray with water.



  • Wear suitable protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin from wet and dry cement
  • Do not breathe in dust. Wear a P1 or P2 dust mask suitable for particulates when exposed to dust
  • Wash skin thoroughly after handling. Wash work clothes regularly.
  • Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes seek medical advice if discomfort or other symptoms persist
  • For more Safety & Storage information refer to SDS sheets