Dingo Cement

Concrete & Mortar Premix

  • Suitable for fence posts and other non structural applications. Use typically 2 x 20kg bags per hole.
  • Simple to use pre-mixed concrete.

Fast Set Concrete

Dingo Fast Setting Concrete sets in 15 minutes and is ideal for stabilising fence posts, letter boxes, clothes hoists and other non-structural applications. For structural applications use Dingo Concrete mix. It is a Drymix combination of aggregate sand and cement. Warning – do not use Fast Setting Concrete with Aluminium posts.

cm1 cm2 cm3
Empty bag into a Wheelbarrow or on to a non-porous surface Add water slowly and mix until a stiff, but workable consistency is achieved. Compact the concrete well after placement, Screed level with a board, trowel smooth if required
  • Approximately 2.3 litres of water to a 20kg Dingo Concrete mix.
  • The water should be drinkable. Too much water will make the concrete weak
  • If you want to colour your concrete, you should add colour oxide in the prescribed manner.


  • Eight 20kg bags  of Dingo Concrete Mix will make approximately 1.5 square meters of concrete to a depth of 50mm
  • Example 5 square meters: 5 meters long by 1 meter wide and depth at 50mm will need approximately 26 bags of 20kg Dingo Concrete



  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin from wet and dry cement
  • Do not breathe in dust. Wear a P1 or P2 dust mask suitable for particulates when exposed to dust
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, including gloves or barrier cream and eye protection
  • Wash skin thoroughly after handling. Wash work clothes regularly.
  • Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention if pain patsies.
  • For more Safety & Storage information refer to SDS sheet