Dingo Cement

Handy Packs

Suitable for

  • Mortar, concrete, render and grout mixes
  • Hobby modelling and agricultural requirements


Dingo Dried Sand is a premium quality kiln dried sand that is ideal for use in any application that bacteria free pure clean white sand is required.

Mixing directions:

Mix quantities: Parts by volume (use bucket or similar to measure quantities)

End use Cement Aggregate Sand Lime Add water
Paving concrete (driveways, floors, patios) 1 4 2.5 NIL To suit
Concrete (paths, mowing strips) 1 4 2.5 NIL To suit
Concrete (fence posts, clotheslines) 1 5 3 NIL To suit
Mortar (masonry mortar, wall plaster) 1 NIL 6  1 To suit




Avoid contact with eyes and skin with wet and dry cement. Wear suitable protective clothing including gloves and eye protection. Wear a suitable dust mask when handling cement or concrete, do not breathe in dust. Cutting concrete, keep it wet with water to avoid hazardous dust.

First Aid

In the event of skin irritation wash with clean water. If dust gets into eyes wash immediately with eye wash solution or clean water. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.


In accordance with local guidelines. Keep out of sewer and stormwater lines.


May cause mild skin irritation.