Dingo Cement
  • Fast, easy and permanent
  • Environmentally sound
  • Open to traffic immediately
  • Ideal for pot holes, driveways, general repairs, footpaths, speed humps etc
  • Dingo Bitumen can be applied over a well compacted base


Dingo Bitumen is specifically engineered to remain somewhat pliable following application this allows product to eliminate small voids and crevices through compaction process.

Suitable for pot holes, driveways and paths.  Apply driveway sealers after 6 months from application.



The area where product is to be used must be dry. Remove any weeds or other plant material (use of weed killer is recommended). Base must be thoroughly compacted. Crushed stone is recommended if needed.

Directions for use

  • Apply material evenly, do not exceed 30mm in one application, leave for a few minutes and then compact using a roller, plate compactor or hand tamper
  • A 30mm layer should compact to around 25mm
  • Place at ambient temperatures no reheating is required. For thicknesses, greater than 50mm Dingo Bitumen is not recommended


Dingo Bitumen hardens slowly as the bonding agent dries out. The hardening progresses over several weeks depending on the application and weather


60kg of Dingo Bitumen will cover approximately one square metre at a depth of 23mm



  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin from wet and dry cement
  • Do not breathe in dust. Wear a P1 or P2 dust mask suitable for particulates when exposed to dust
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection
  • Wash skin thoroughly after handling. Wash work clothes regularly
  • If Inhaled seek medical advice if discomfort or other symptoms persist
  • Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes seek medical advice if discomfort or other symptoms persist
  • For more Safety & Storage information refer to SDS sheets