Dingo Cement

General Building

  • Up to 2-4 times less build time
  • Stronger 5mpa. The highest compressive strength among light-weight AAC Blocks
  • Low thermal conductivity. So, space inside the AAC Block tends to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Natural sound insulation thanks to their porous structure and their ability to dampen mechanical vibration energy
  • Resistant to high temperatures for a longer period than most traditional solid building materials


Bastion AAC Block is extremely versatile and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bricks and concrete blocks. Used for non-load-bearing construction applications including external walls, internal walls, fences and garden beds. Ideal for DIY projects retaining low garden bed walls or full home builds.

This Lightweight Building block is one third and quarter lighter than the equivalent size fired clay brick and concrete block. Light in weight, easy to cut and durable

Blocks are laid in the traditional way and a thin bed mortar is used to glue the blocks together