Dingo Cement

Handy Packs

  • Deep Void Grout

    Dingo Deep Void is a ready to use, high quality grout that expands in two stages (Class A and C) to counteract the shrinkage that is normally associated with Portland cement grouts. Dingo Deep Void Grout is a blend of Portland cement and selectively graded materials that result in a dense homogeneous mix enabling it to achieve high strengths in short times, making Dingo Deep Void suitable for grouting of large sections and deep pours of up to 500mm.

  • Fire Rated Mortar

    Dingo Fire Rated Mortar is a cement based, rapid setting, ready to mix mortar for high temperature applications. This 10kg mix made up of alumina cement and graded aggregates, suitable for use in pizza ovens, fireplaces and barbeques.

  • High Early Strength Grout

    Dingo High Early Strength is a ready mixed, 1-component, high quality, Class C shrinkage compensated grout that sets rapidly with high early strength gain. Dingo High Early Strength is a blend of high alumina cement, supplementary cementitious material aggregates and special admixtures, enabling it to achieve high strengths in short time frame.

  • Structural Grout

    Dingo Structural Grout is a high strength, Class A structural grout that is shrinkage compensated, self levelling, and has been formulated to achieve high early strengths with low water addition levels.