Dingo Cement

Our Products

  • Bitumen

    Dingo Bitumen is specifically engineered to remain somewhat pliable following application this allows product to eliminate small voids and crevices through compaction process.

    Suitable for pot holes, driveways and paths.  Apply driveway sealers after 6 months from application.

  • Bricklayers Grey Cement

    Offers superior workability for General Building applications, especially formulated for Bricklaying, Render and Paving mortars. Available in water resistant plastic packaging.

  • Dingo Self-Levelling Cement

    Dingo Self-Levelling Cement is a cement based, self-levelling underlayment. It is high strength and is designed for levelling internal and external floors.

  • Fast Set Hi-Strength Concrete

    Fast Set High Strength Concrete is ideal for larger posts, fence corners posts and gate posts.

    It is a Dry mix Concrete which is a combination of aggregate, sand and cement mixed together this product offers consumers a fast setting premixed product utilizing high alumina cement giving much stronger harder finish. Just Add water.

    Available in water resistant plastic packaging.