Australian Standards Compliance

TEST CERTIFICATE OF: Bastion Type GP Cement Febuary 2015
SAMPLE TESTED AT: An Australian based cement testing laboratory NATA accredited for testing cement to AS2350.
Property Requirements of AS 3972 for Type GP Cement Test Result
Compressive Strength (AS2350.11)
7 Day Minimum 35 MPa 49.7 MPa
28 Day Minimum 45 MPa 61.9 MPa
Setting Time (AS2350.4)
Initial Minimum 45 minutes 60 minutes
Final Maximum 6 hours 135 minutes
Soundness (AS 2350.5) Maximum 5mm 1mm
SO3 Content (AS2350.2) Maximum 3.5% 2.2%
Chloride Content (AS2350.2) Maximum 0.10% 0.0%


Other Reportable Properties (AS3972)

Fineness Index (AS2350.8) 481m2/kg