Dingo Cement

About Dingo Cement

Dingo Cement is an Australian owned company and has over 20 years’ experience in cement dry mix manufacturing, packaging and material sourcing for major hardware retailers and the building industry in Australia and abroad.

In November 2009 Dingo Cement officially launched its own brand of cement dry mix products into the Australian market. In 2012, we opened our brand new Australian owned dry mix cement plant.

Our purpose-built manufacturing facilities in Vietnam were built to supply the Australian and International markets with cement dry mix products. In 2017 we started packaging locally in Australia raw building materials.

Our focus is providing high levels of customer service and innovation. One such innovation was the introduction of our new waterproof packaging to the market. We share knowledge of local markets, customer preferences, product formulas, raw materials and new technologies. Our operation is built around a model that ensures we deliver a product to our customer at the lowest cost and of the highest quality. Our customers include some of the largest hardware cement dry mix retailers in Australia, UK and Asia.

In addition to the manufacturing of cement dry mix products, we provide our customers all types of building product solutions. Ideas, planning, development, product sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and transportation. Our global sourcing team is based in Australian and Vietnam and offer an almost unlimited variety of products, manufactured or sourced to the customer specifications and requirements

We can co-design and work with the customer to develop new products and bring to market in extremely short time frames with international knowledge and market trends. Our strategy is to grow alongside our customers and enter new products into global retail hardware markets. Our belief is all of us are greater than one of us.

We offer large international hardware retailers

We develop buying platforms, tailor-made for large hardware retailers, they choose us for our ability to consistently deliver them a great high-quality home brand product at the lowest cost.

Our expertise puts us at the front of private label production. From leading national and multi-national hardware retailers our customer base reflects the flexibility of our operations.

Large hardware retailers seek packers for their home brands, we offer companies manufacturing flexibility to meet their requirements. Our customers trust us to look after their home brand products to deliver quality to their customers. The service is end to end and everything in between to produce a complete product.

All products undergo strict testing in NATA accredited Australian and international laboratories to ensure compliance with Australian and International standards and BSI accreditations www.bsigroup.com/en-AU